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Bebop for Babies

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Because kids deserve hip music too!
Our bestseller!  Bebop for Babies was born out of  Jeannette Lambert’s quest for music that mixed the spontaneity of jazz sensibilities and great kids’ songs.  The band members are all great jazz players so the level of musicianship is high and the music is performed with joy and respect.

Jeannette says “Knowing how children love repetition, I wanted to create music for kids that the entire family could enjoy together.  These are songs that we all love as well. Performing them as if they were jazz standards, that just came naturally.”

Our group performed at the Rochester Jazz Festival, the Sudbury Jazz Festival and the London International Children’s Festival where all of our concerts were sold-out.

1 I’ve Been Working on the Railroad
2 What Can the Matter Be?
3 My Grandfather’s Clock
4 Old MacDonald
5 I Have a Little Nut Tree
6 Early One Morning
7 Grand Old Duke of York
8 Ants Go Marching
9 Kookaburra
10 Camptown Races
11 Hole in Bucket
12 Pop Goes the Weasel
13 Lavender’s Blue
14 Land of the Silver Birch
15 Home on the Range
16 Waltzing Mathilda
17 Lullabye and Goodnight

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