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Border town

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Reg Schwager is one of Canada’s most prominent jazz guitarists. He has worked with many artists including George Shearing, Mel Tormé, Diana Krall, Zoot Sims, Pepper Adams and Rob McConnell. Recently he has been touring and recording with Emilie-Claire Barlow, Diana Panton, Jeannette Lambert and Darren Sigesmund.

“He alternates imaginative, if relatively straightforward, melodic ideas with long, high-falutin’ phrases of great harmonic complexity, pausing here and there to let float a handful of those lighter-than-air chords so beloved of jazz players . . . Schwager’s solo is a relaxed (not to be confused with lazy) concentration of long, tortuous phrases that cohere as magnificently as they succeed in flouting our expectations. Which, in addition to swinging, is about all you can ask from jazz.”
– Eye: Jazzola, Tim Powis

“Schwager is a fierce Canadian guitar player. Very descriptive and lush, doesn’t shy away from danger.”
– Jazz Central Station: JazzTrack, Jill Maxi Schreibman

“This Toronto guitarist is a very hip musician- hip, in a cool, offhand way that belies his remarkable technical proficiency… His trio on Border Town (Pat Collins or Dave Young, bass; Michel Lambert, drums) swings loosely and rather restlessly through seven of his own tunes and five standards, blurring the line between the traditional and the contemporary- as jazz guitar goes- very effectively.”
– Globe& Mail, Mark Miller

“Border Town showcases his impressive, lyrical versatility in fluent, nimble originals like “Firefly” and the bright, vivacious “Bay Street Bounce” as well as ballad standards like “They Say It’s Spring” where his relaxed invention recalls Ed Bickert. He gets impressive support from bass player Pat Collins in “Firefly” and “Border Town” while Dave Young’s prowess is showcased (Snowpea/Mister Lucky) and drummer Michel Lambert brings “Kiki-San” to a dramatic climax.”
– Cadence, David Lewis

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