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Are you programming a festival, concert series or club date? Jeannette Lambert’s Genius Loci Ensemble is planning a tour for summer 2024.  Contact us for details.


Can geography change one’s dna? What kind of music can an immigrant from an exiled population make when she lives silently on the oldest rock on earth? How does one chose language, subject matter in this case? Our ensemble has chosen to channel the spirits of place and to listen to the sounds of our environment, to celebrate the beauty in nature, to inspire others to preserve it at this crucial time for the climate.

Jeannette Lambert’s Genius Loci Ensemble performs an innovative repertoire garnered from our combined backgrounds in free jazz, jazz, hip hop and spoken word. Our creative music projects including Genius Loci North and East, Opera of the Unspoken and Michel Lambert’s Ars Transmutatoria. Much of the music was instantly composed in mountain forests or studios around the world, and is now polished for performance. We also instantly compose and improvise in concert. The resulting musical event is poetic, melodic, rhythmic and uplifting at the same time, designed to inspire a celebration of our often overlooked natural world. We will bring Quebec and Canada and the wilderness to you in a kaleidoscope of music.

Our band members are Jeannette Lambert, van garden, beamer! voice, Michel Lambert, drums and percussion, Reg Schwager, guitar and we are open to collaboration with local musicians.

And yes, we are a family ensemble! Jeannette and Michel are the parents of van garden and beamer! And Jeannette and Reg are siblings, allowing for near telepathic communication on stage and funny family interactions.


“art at a very high level” CADENCE (USA)
“ On est là tout proche de la perfection.” LA GAZETTE BLEUE (France)
“deep emotion that only excellent vocals have” NIHON KEIZAI SHIMBUN (Japan)
“delicateness, creativity and telepathic interaction” ALL MUSIC GUIDE (USA)
“a multi-disciplinary masterwork” THEWHOLENOTE (Canada)

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