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Lone Jack Pine


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Jeannette and Michel met Barre Phillips during their travels in the South of France in the early 1990’s. It was the start of a great friendship and many musical collaborations. These three performers are dedicated to the art of improvising, and the interaction between the musicians is instant and inspired. Together they create music that is expressive and lyrical, within multi-dimensional expressions of time. In 1998 they formed their trio and performed their first concert at the gallery Isart in Montreal. This CD, Lone Jack Pine, features creative, improvised music based around Jeannette’s poetry. The stories are rich with imagery of Canada and Indonesia. It was described in Cadence as “art at a very high level” and received 4 stars in the Encyclopedia of Popular Music. They have performed at the Musée d’art Contemporaine at the Festival International de Jazz de Montreal, and at the Distillery Jazz Festival in Toronto.

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