Jazz from Rant
independent music label for jazz artists, composers and improvisers
About Us

Jazz from Rant is an independent music label created by a musicians’ collective of jazz artists, improvisers and composers, specifically Jeannette Lambert (vocals), Michel Lambert (drums) and Reg Schwager (guitar). Our recordings document musical projects and groups that range from wild improvised music, free jazz orchestral innovation, celestial jazz guitar, mindful instant composing, swinging song for kids, dramatic torch songs and thought-provoking poetry.

We started this label about 30 years ago way back when we were making cassettes by hand in Chinatown, Toronto, Canada and R.A.N.T. stood for “recording artists’ network of Toronto” and a certain exclamatory attitude. Now we have been based in Montréal, Québec for a few decades. As we spread out globally, and in light of our precognitive musical abilities, it now stands for the “recording artists’ network of tomorrow”. We have about 60 recordings and more master tapes soon to be in production. Many are available for streaming and we have returned to making hard copies by hand. Cds so far but who knows, cassettes might not be too far off into the future and then we will have arrived full circle.