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It Goes Like This: a collection of jazz songs pt. 1


Long, long ago there was no internet and there were no computers. As a child I did things like compulsively reading books and swimming in the lake, or canoeing out to pick blueberries on some scruffy rocky island. Sometimes, lying on the dock or rolling in a beanbag chair, I imagined a world more like today, when I could answer questions with a few well-chosen words, or watch any film whenever I wanted where ever I was.

Meanwhile my brother Reg found his own personal voice in his guitar. So for fun, as something to do, we’d learn songs. We’d spin the vinyl of our parents’ jazz collection and I’d scribble the lyrics down and we’d practice. Or we’d leaf through big heavy fakebooks and pick and chose. We’d practice and practice and learn new songs every day.

Today I still have the binders of lyrics and notes on about 110 jazz songs I can sing at the drop of a hat, my memory for the lyrics still remarkably intact. Those are just the ones with Reg’s hand-written charts, as my brain likely contains a few hundred more.

So to honour this collection and just for the joy of sharing, we recorded a few recently. And I’ve also gathered up recordings we’ve done in the past that somehow got left in the dust of the ever-changing technology, songs released only on cassette just before compact discs took over, songs not uploaded for streaming before Spotify blotted out everything else. This is the place where I’ll upload a new one every now and then. The title of the collection is in answer to the eternal question, how does it go? And then one pauses and thinks and replies, before starting to sing, “it goes like this”.

Here’s the first one, recorded last month, a song I’ve always loved for it’s great, timeless lyrics. Also, we are excited to welcome a new family member to the Lambert clan whose middle name is Sonny which reminded me of this song, When Sunny Gets Blue. Because what more does a newborn want than to be held tightly when they are feeling blue?


And here is the second song in the collection, a song we don’t hear often, with great timeless lyrics.

Another great standard which has equally lovely French lyrics. Here’s the English version.

A lovely lyric with a soaring melody, Skylark.

And the fifth in the collection, If the Moon Turns Green, from our cassette release entitled Ballads II.

Here’s the playlist thus far with 5 tracks. Check back regularly as there are many more to come!

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