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It Goes Like This: a collection of jazz songs pt.2

Further to the quest of freeing some of my music with a weekly Friday upload, here is another song from the album Born To Be Blue. It was my first time performing this classic and we did it in just one take because, after we finished, Reg and Neil agreed that it was just how they wanted it to be. Sometimes freshness and spontaneity are key. And being an agreeable leader who lets the guys in the band decide stuff (especially after starting the day weirdly out of tune for one tedious song I’d chosen) is worth more than attempting to attain some kind of musical goal. Or maybe the idea of being a leader is misplaced and really I’m younger than they are so whatever, move on to the next song now. In any case, it sounds pretty good. If I want to sing it more I can just sing along with this take.

Written by vegan eden ahbez in a cave near Palm Springs, famously recorded by Nat King Cole, here is a song I love for it’s mysterious and mystical lyric.

Apparently Johnny Mercer composed these lyrics while driving along in Palm Springs as he listened to an instrumental version on the radio. How else to come up with a line like “Your lips are like a red and ruby chalice?”.

I love all the songs on Frank Sinatra’s Wee Small Hours of the Morning Album, but none more than this one. What I’ve learned from him? How to be mournful while yet swinging:

Helen Merrill’s version of this is my favourite and some old friends from Sudbury were involved in the recent film with the same title.

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