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It Goes Like This: a collection of jazz songs pt.3

Continuing along with the freeing of a weekly jazz standard (part 3), here is a song I recorded with Reg in the spring of this year, Willow Weep for Me. It’s a short version as construction next door interfered with our ability to record without the sound of drills and jack hammers but we managed to run through it once before throwing in the towel. It’s a lovely lyric, a song for a tree and its empathy.

I was hunting around for an appropriately starry painting to illustrate my version of the classic Stardust. I looked at a few paintings by Van Gogh and selected his Starry Night over the Rhone. I spent some time with it, tweaking the colours and reading about the painting in detail. I am really happy with how well it goes with the song, hints of purple etc. And then the next day I see the painting in my Twitter feed and click to read about a new exhibition at the AGO called Mystical Landscapes. So here I am busy with the song Stardust, recorded for my father who always requests it, and now the painting I’ve paired with it is on display at the gallery next to his home. Mystical indeed.

Where do you put your disappointment, when world events shift and alter the landscape before you so drastically? Here’s a love song that expresses a little bit of that.

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