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The world needs more music

We all need more music in our lives and we should all sing more. I’m putting together my first online music course, How to Sing Jazz, which will launch here soon to help others further this goal. In the meantime, here’s a quick tip for you to bring more music into your life.

You know those songs that you love, the ones you can’t help singing along to? Even if people are talking to you, you’ll just ignore them and you’ll just keep singing, those songs? Make yourself a playlist of those and then sing them while you are doing something mundane, like preparing dinner or tidying up those things that don’t spark joy. And do that everyday if you can, or at least a few times a week. And suddenly the time flies in a joyous fashion.

taking a break on the road

When our kids were small we did a lot of car trips back and forth between their grandparents in different cities and (besides awkward memories of trying to breastfeed a screaming baby strapped into a car seat with trucks whizzing by) my main memory is of all of us singing at the top of our lungs. I’ll help you out, I’ll put some videos here of songs I can’t listen to without singing along and you’ll get the idea.

I originally created my How to Sing Jazz course for a school overseas but that project fizzled out so I revived it and it will be here soon for you, on my site. Also, both my sons are fabulous, natural singers but neither will tolerate any singing tips from me so I thought I’d organize my thoughts this way in case either of them ever changes their mind and decides to learn how to sing jazz my way, the old school way. And maybe I’ll be on to something else at that moment, like baking sourdough bread or building an indoor herb garden. This way I can just exclaim, aha! I’ve been thinking about this for years. Here’s the course. Voila.

And if you’ve always wanted to learn how to sing jazz while also listening to more jazz vocalists, you might enjoy this too. It’s not rocket science but it’s like everything else – there are some conventions and ideas that tie the whole thing together and I’ll be outlining many of them.

I learned from listening and from the jazz critics in my family, the jazz musicians in my family, and the jazz musicians who came through our home and spent endless hours either making music or talking about music, while waiting for their meals (which they usually waited for me or my mother to cook). I also sang in clubs for weeks on end, at festivals for big crowds of people and learned more that way. And all that is great but singing in our daily lives is also important. It’s all good brain training and a great way to increase one’s oxygen. Plus with any luck, someone will hear you and sing along. Or you’ll be inspired to invent your own personal songs after awhile because really, we all need more music and it’s up to us all to make it.

As promised, some of the songs that inspire me to sing along every single time. Do not attempt to converse with me when any of these are playing. Jimmy Cliff especially as that one requires full emotional committment.

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