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Songs we forgot

I’ve been going through old binders full of lyrics, looking for songs I might have overlooked in my eagerness to learn hundreds of jazz standards back in the day. And so I’ve pulled out a few surprises that I haven’t performed before for this event in Toronto later this week. Some were just too hard or had too many words so I’m going to snap on my reading glasses and solve that once and for all. I’m not going to tell you what they are here in case I lose my courage yet again, and sometimes Reg just shakes his head no when we’re on stage and shuffles the charts. But I promise that if I succeed, there might be a video or two here to celebrate the conquest!

True to my word, I am back and have a video of one of the songs we revived. The song is Spain with lyrics by Al Jarreau, composed by Chick Corea. I loved singing this as a kid and going back to it has reminded me of what a great song it is and also how wildly talented Al Jarreau was.

I’ve blended our live version with my photos from last summer in Spain so that it might capture the spirit of place with another layer of sensory perception. And also because I had the lyric sheet in front of my face for a good part of the video. That said, there is something freeing about singing without necessarily always memorizing all one’s lyrics and I was happy to afford myself that new liberty.

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