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October 11, 2018
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Inspiration in Spain

I remember sitting on the balcony with a view overlooking the Mediterranean, filled with dolphins, with our little pet goldfinch singing in a cage near me, trying to decide when to dash downstairs to steal a stalk of sugarcane from … Continue reading

February 11, 2018
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Hip shit I did as a jazz kid

As my oldest son JJ and his friends got ready to go hear Brockhampton at the Corona Theatre this week, we talked about how important it is to support live music. We’ve managed pretty well in the past year,  considering how … Continue reading

June 6, 2017
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The Intuitive Art Game

Yesterday my dreaming friend Maureen shared a dream with our small online dream group that included a magical cat. As I read the description I was reminded of a small watercolour I made once of a similar cat. Where is … Continue reading

December 22, 2015
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Thinking of Joe Strummer

It’s the anniversary of Joe Strummer’s passing, Twitter tells me. Looking at all the photos and videos reminded me of what I loved about his singing back when I was a teen. It might seem odd that a jazz singer … Continue reading