Jazz vocalist, poet and composer Jeannette Lambert has been singing at festivals and jazz clubs all her life. Raised in Canada with Dutch Indonesian ancestry, straddling east and west, Jeannette combines music, intuition and improvisation to create unique, artistic music. She has lived in Montréal for over 20 years with her husband, jazz drummer, composer and visual artist Michel Lambert & their two sons.

Her new cds Genius Loci North and Genius Loci East are available on her Bandcamp page.  You can also find Genius Loci Mixtape, Ask Her which was also released in Japan (ジャネット ランべル), Something I Said and Lone Jack Pine in concert. You can view the award-winning videos created by her youngest son Théo for the album Genius Loci North here. Limited edition hard copies are also available at Bandcamp.

Each album features its own unique strip of birch bark from fallen trees in Northern Ontario

She also performs on Michel Lambert’s new series of recordings, Ars Transmutatoria Rouge and Ars Transmutatoria Bleu. You can read about her work and collaborations with Michel in La Gazette Bleu (in French).

Her recordings can be purchased at her Bandcamp page (follow her page) and also by contacting Jazz from Rant directly or at Jeannette’s Facebook Page Jeannette’s Youtube channel features concert videos and short films. You can find more info at Jazz from Rant, their musicians’ collective and label.

And you can read about her creative process on her blog, links on the sidebar.



“brilliant and melodious” THEWHOLENOTE

“Attention, la voix envoûtante de Jeannette est addictive !”

“delicateness, creativity and telepathic interaction” ALL MUSIC GUIDE

“one of the most interesting jazz-poetry albums of the recent decade”


“a tour de force … a jewel” JAZZWISE

“art at a very high level” CADENCE

“joyous music … virtuosic” THEWHOLENOTE

“D’une rigueur belle et rare!” LE SOLEIL