Jeannette Lambert

Creative living through jazz & intuition

Genius Loci North: in production

Currently in production: Genius Loci North. I’m hard at work on new songs recorded by beautiful mountain lakes and forests here in Quebec, as well as some we started here in Plateau-Mont-Royal in our studio shed in the torrential weather of the summer solstice. The spirits of place are just as chatty here as in other places in the world, that’s for sure.

I’m also working with a lot of energy pulled from dreams I’ve had or that others have had of me and am including collaborations with some of my talented dreaming friends. Adding layers of intuition pulled from a like-minded community promises to carry us all even further.

I’m noticing that my creative process in composing these songs is very much like my mother’s intuitive style of painting, where you rapidly place quick gestures spontaneously on the page and then polish and refine them over time to see what emerges. So there are many surprises ahead and I invite you to follow along here on this page where I’ll post snippets and hints of what is to come.

We acknowledge the support of the Canada Council for the Arts, #BringingArtsToLife

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