We recorded this track after a leisurely day of kayaking and exploring the little lakes in the area around our chalet near Wentworth-Nord in the lower Laurentians. We set up our gear in the basement of a log cabin and proceeded to compose this together. Do our minds sync up and mesh together when we work creatively this way and move as one large brain? I read something like that recently and I think it explains how we make our songs very well. At least it feels this way.

The poem, written minutes before recording, reflects how Michel reacted to the landscape and the ancestral energy he felt in this wild moment in nature. The flowers were particularly poignant and our son Theo animated a video for this song from the point of view of the flower. I mistook it for a lotus so I sang about the yellow lotus flower, discovering only later it is technically a lily and has many charming names including the one that jumped out at me, Spatterdock. So no slight meant to the pond lilies of the world, but I decided to leave it as is. We nearly only ever do one take of each of songs as the idea is to pull the magic out of the words and place as swiftly and clearly as possible.

Anyway, that’s my excuse. Theo’s music video is a finalist at the Venezia Shorts film festival.

When you cross this beach you’ll arrive one lake over with the geese and turtles and spatterdocks