Friday Night Inn, the offspring rap+trap music label

Introducing Friday Night Inn, the new music label created by van garden and beamer!, aka JJ and Theo!

The first release was van garden’s Poetic Reconstruction, vol. 1: Montreal. It is the first in a series of releases inspired by the spirit of place, childhood memories and spontaneous bursts of creative expression. It is notable also for composition through the intricate layering of audio tracks produced by van garden, including seven layers of solo drums, haunting guitar and medieval instruments.

Poetic Reconstruction, vol. 2: Costa Dorada is now out as well and as van garden describes, tells the story of the waves and moon. His latest album, Dirty Sand and Tree Thoughts, will be released later this month and the first single, ruthless missions, drops on Valentine’s Day.

beamer!’s first single and his 5 song trap ep PLANET BEAM! are also out at Bandcamp, Spotify and Apple Music. He has also recently released RIP BEAM and just released a new album in collaboration with his own network of local Montreal producers entitled 88BEAMAC.

van garden and beamer! have grown up in a household where creativity is at the forefront, and thus began composing and recording at an early age, producing several unpublished albums even before their teens. They are inspired by underground rap, abstract hiphop and free jazz. Prolific performers, they have several more recordings slated for release in the coming year. Recently they also appear on Michel’s latest Ars Transmutatoria recordings in Helsinki and Rome, and Jeannette’s Opera of the Unspoken both as vocalists and lyricists. They recently lent their voices to Jeannette’s folk music collection Harvest Moon and collaborated with her trio for her workshop and new album in production, Gingko Infused Portraits.

In addition to producing music, beamer! is a freelance illustrator (see beam.illustrator on Instagram) and has created album art for a large range of artists, primarily rap and jazz musicians, as well as creating live drawing multimedia performances for several concerts and animated music videos that have been featured at a number of film festivals.

van garden recently completed his Psychology/ East Asian studies undergraduate degree from Mcgill University in Seoul, South Korea and is currently dedicating himself to artistic pursuits full-time. His latest release, I Love You Today, I Love You December, was recorded in Seoul.