song of the winter sprites

Here is a bonus track for the album Genius Loci North. We recorded this track “song of the winter sprites” in March 2021 when we slipped away to a chalet by a lake near the Canadian/American border. It was cold and silent except for anything that was rattling due to the bitter wind over the lake.

Knowing how my great friend, Javanese jazz violinist Luluk Purwanto, can withstand jumps into a frozen rain barrel and swims regularly in a big lake regardless of the temperature, I invited her to collaborate with us for this track. You can also hear her on Genius Loci East on several tracks.

The title is inspired by the fairies of frost on the windows that danced along as we made this music. Theo provided the artwork, oil pastel on birch bark. It’s at Bandcamp now and is streaming at Spotify etc. too!